Up Heal DAO

We are funding Mental Health Organizations and community initiatives.

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Who We are

We are on a mission to bring mental health awareness through #Web3.

Up Heal DAO is a decentralized community focused on helping Mental Health improvement initiatives from the community.

At the end of each season, the DAO’s members will vote to decide which organizations or initiatives we will support with a portion of the fees generated.

Community First

You can hang in the DAO discord and contribute to the DAO with like-minded people interested in web3, personal development, and improving mental health worldwide.

Get Funded

As a community, our primary goal is to fund community Mental Health initiatives and organizations; you can make a governance proposal to the DAO and get your project or initiative funded if the DAO approves it.

Make an impact

By being involved in the Up Heal DAO community as a contributor, you are helping us impact the world and improve mental health awareness across the globe 🌎.

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